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February 7, 2014

We want to sincerely thank all our sponsors who have made contributions to the Space Flight Laboratory. Without your support, many SFL educational projects would not be possible. Your generous donations helped launch Canada’s first student satellites into space. Through your commitment to quality education, the CanX Student Program is able to inspire young Canadians to pursue their space research and space exploration ambitions.

SFL Sponsors

Keysight Altera Altium Group Analytical Graphics Inc. Cadence Design Systems @lliance Technologies Wind River Honeywell Ansoft Corporation National Instruments ARC International Autodesk ATI Emcore Encad EDS Stanford University The Mathworks CMC Electronics Natural Resources Canada Texas Instruments E. Jordan Brookes Co. Micrografx Rogers Corporation Raymond EMC AeroAntenna NovAtel Inc. Alstom

Space research is an expensive endeavour but with it also comes new knowledge about our existence and our place in the universe. Here at SFL, our aim is to provide a cost effective means for Canadians to realize world-class space missions. Training the space engineers of tomorrow is an essential part of this objective. We need your help and involvement to make the dream of space exploration for Canadians a reality. If you or your company is interested in becoming a sponsor please contact Dr. Robert E. Zee, manager of SFL, to discuss sponsorship. For more information about our sponsors please see below.

These companies are the innovative leaders of tomorrow. Please visit their web sites! Thank you for your interest.

THANK YOU to all our sponsors!

AeroAntenna Technology Inc.
AeroAntenna Technology, Inc. (AAT) is an innovative company, which has pioneered many of the GPS antenna designs available today. Its team combines more than 50 years of antenna design, manufacturing, and business experience. The company’s mission is to provide our customers with consistent reliable and user friendly products that are produced efficiently and are delivered on time.
They offer technologically advanced products; from FAA approved airborne antennas, to customized or standard products. They can provide Turnkey Antenna systems designed to meet the desired requirements of the customer.
@lliance Technologies
@lliance Technologies™ is a technology solution provider. Established with a focus on providing scalable cost effective solutions to clients. @lliance Technologies™ is headquartered in Toronto, Canada with satellite offices in the United States, has grown into a corporation serving the needs of customers in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), and as far away as Hong Kong, New Zealand, South Africa and Australia.
ALSTOM Power Technology Centre
The ALSTOM Turbo-System Technology Centre has developed a suite of advanced analysis tools in co-operation with the European Space Agency. These tools are widely used and, in some areas, have become the de-facto standard. ESARAD is a pre- and post processor for ESATAN and provides a suite of integrated software tools for the analysis of surface to surface radiative heat exchange and the space thermal radiative environment. ESATAN, with its FHTS extension, is a comprehensive, flexible thermal and fluid flow software package, suitable for a wide range of applications. It is now provided with a network viewer facility named ThermNV. ThermXL is a spreadsheet add-in for solving thermal analysis problems and is designed to fulfill the need for rapid turn-around of system level or simple “what-if” (parametric) type analyses. ESABASE provides an integrated and open system to support space systems analysis processes, such as Mass, Debris, Radiation and Field of View.
In today’s changing marketplace, time-to-market is the key to success. Altera’s product offerings help companies get to market first by addressing many of today’s critical design needs, such as fast system performance, low cost, and high density.
Altium Group
Altium Limited, is a leading global developer and supplier of desktop Electronic Design Automation (EDA) and embedded software design tools for the Microsoft Windows environment. Altium’s current product brands include Protel, P-CAD, TASKING, Accolade, CircuitMaker and CAMtastic!Altium’s TASKING embedded software development 563xx C++ Compiler and Debugger have been used to program the instrument/telescope computers on the MOST microsatellite project, and their Protel PCB design software will be used in the CanX program.Altium is headquartered in Sydney, Australia, and operates a number of sales and support offices in Australia, the United States, Japan and Europe – as well as maintaining a large reseller network in all other major markets. More information about the Company and its products and services may be obtained from their website athttp://www.altium.com.

Analytical Graphics Inc.
Analytical Graphics, Inc. provides commerical off-the-shelf (COTS) analysis and visualization solutions to more than 30,000 aerospace, defense, and intelligence professionals via the Satellite Tool Kit (STK) software suite. This powerful and flexible tool offers unprecedented independence and cross-discipline understanding to analysts and designers at all levels. STK is used by thousands of system professionals worldwide and supports all phases of a satellite system’s lifetime. Among those included are requirements definitions, design, build, launch, operation and use.
Autodesk is the fourth-largest PC software company worldwide-and a global leader in design solutions and visualization.
Cadence Design Systems
With OrCAD Interchange Architecture, engineers and designers can use OrCAD to connect the entire electronic product development cycle.
CMC Electronics
CMC Electronics Inc. is a world leader in the design, manufacture, sales and support of high-technology electronic products for the aviation, communications, infrared sensing, marine electronics, positioning and space markets. Formerly known as Canadian Marconi Company, CMC Electronics has been designing and building innovative communication and electronics systems since 1903.
E. Jordan Brookes Co.
The E. Jordan Brookes Co., Inc. is dedicated to being the highest quality distributor of engineered industrial materials; providing at all times, a product that meets or exceeds customer specifications, is delivered on time, and is offered at a competitive price.
EDS’ PLM Solutions optimizes the product lifecycle process for manufacturing enterprises. PLM Solutions is the result of EDS’ acquisition and merger of industry leaders UGS and SDRC. PLM Solutions is focused on delivering unprecedented value by offering the industry’s most robust product portfolio spanning all product lifecycle management segments.
Emcore Corporation offers the complete spectrum of compound semiconductor solutions for the broadband and wireless communications and solid state lighting markets. The Company’s integrated solutions philosophy embodies state of the art technology, material science expertise and a shared vision of our customer’s goals and objectives to be leaders and pioneers of the fast increasing world of compound semiconductors.
ENCAD is a leader in the wide-format, short-run inkjet printing market. The Company designs, develops, manufactures, and markets a broad line of wide-format, colour inkjet printers and plotters used to generate high quality output in a variety of applications. ENCAD products are sold and serviced in over 60 countries through a worldwide network of distributors and value added resellers.
Honeywell International’s Solid State Electronics Center (SSEC) is a leading supplier of specialized integrated circuits for fast growing RF/Microwave and aerospace markets, as well as recognized manufacturer of precision Pressure and Magnetic sensors for a variety of commercial applications.
keysight logo
Keysight Technologies Inc. is the world’s leading electronic measurement company, transforming today’s measurement experience through innovation in wireless, modular, and software solutions. With its HP and Agilent legacy, Keysight delivers solutions in wireless communications, aerospace and defense and semiconductor markets with world-class platforms, software and consistent measurement science. The company’s 9,500 employees serve customers in more than 100 countries. Keysight’s singular focus on measurement helps scientists, researchers and engineers address their toughest challenges with precision and confidence. With the help of our products and services, they are better able to deliver the breakthroughs that make a measurable difference.
The Mathworks
The MathWorks is the leading developer and supplier of technical computing software in the world. It produces technical computing and model-based design software for engineers, scientists, mathematicians, and researchers. Its two core products are MATLAB®, used for performing mathematical calculations, analyzing and visualizing data, and writing new software programs; and Simulink®, used for modeling and simulating complex dynamic systems, such as a vehicle’s automatic transmission system. We also produce over 60 additional tools for specialized tasks such as processing images and signals and analyzing financial data.
Micrografx is the world’s leading provider of software, solutions and services enabling customers to improve their return on investment by visualizing, understanding and improving their key business processes. By visualizing and interacting with the data and information associated with these business processes companies can improve time to market, customer service, access to information, and more.
National Instruments
National Instruments has revolutionized the way engineers and scientists work by empowering them with the personal computer. National Instruments develops and manufactures hundreds of integrated software and hardware products, which, when combined with standard computers, are used to replace and/or communicate with traditional instrumentation and to monitor and control processes. Through its vigorous academic program National Instruments supports academic instructional and research efforts.
Natural Resources Canada
Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) plays a pivotal role in helping shape the important contributions of the natural resources sector to the Canadian economy, society and environment. This sector – forests, energy, minerals and metals, and landmass, as well as related industries – is one of the most productive, high-tech sectors in the global economy.
NovAtel Inc. is a leading provider of precise global positioning and aug-mentation technologies designed to afford its customers rapid integration and exceptional return on invest-ment. The company’s core technology is being applied in diversified posi-tioning markets around the globe, including agriculture, mining, marine, surveying, unmanned systems, and machine control. NovAtel is also the prime supplier of GPS ground reference receivers to national satellite-based augmentation systems world-wide.
Raymond EMC
Raymond EMC is an Ottawa based company founded in 1987 specializing in RF Shielded Enclosures and Anechoic Chambers. We provide engineering, materials, installation and testing, for the domestic and international RF Shielding and Anechoic market.
Rogers Corporation
“Providing Microwave Materials Worldwide” Rogers Corporation is proud to provide microwave materials to help with the MOST microsatellite student radio design effort.
Stanford University
The Space Systems Development Laboratory’s Satellite Quick Research Testbed (SQUIRT) trains students in all aspects of the spacecraft design life cycle through hands-on work on real, student-engineered satellites, to be launched into orbit and operated from Stanford. The Space Systems Development Laboratory is actively engaged in research covering all aspects of the space system life cycle. Scientific and engineering partners in the research projects include a variety of academic research centers, government laboratories, and industrial corporations.
Texas Instruments
The Texas Instruments DSP University Program was established to facilitate the inclusion of leading edge semiconductor technology into engineering research and course curricula.
Wind Rrivero
Wind River is the worldwide leader in embedded software and services. Wind River provides market-specific embedded platforms that integrate real-time operating systems, development tools and technologies. Wind River’s products and professional services are used in multiple markets including aerospace and defense, automotive, digital consumer, industrial, and network infrastructure. Wind River provides high-integrity technology and expertise that enables its customers to create superior products more efficiently. Companies from around the world turn to Wind River to create the most reliable products and to accelerate their time to market.


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