Flex Production

Flex Production

The Best of Both Worlds for NewSpace Companies

  • Unique SFL Microspace design expertise
  • Flexible manufacturing options
  • Lower price points for mass production
  • Faster response to changing market conditions
  • Innovative technology upgrades as needed

What is Flex Production


Flex Production allows NewSpace companies with multi-satellite constellations to leverage SFL’s Microspace design expertise while mass producing their own satellites in one of several different ways, including in-house, to save time and money.

Created with NewSpace companies in mind, the SFL Flex Production program starts with contracting SFL to completely develop the first satellite, or satellite cluster, followed by a variety of options as to the level of production the customer wants to handle in-house or elsewhere.

For customers without their own production capabilities, SFL continues to develop and manufacture complete smallsat, microsatellite, nanosatellite, and CubeSat missions and constellations in Toronto. SFL also has third-party partnerships to mass produce satellites at another facility when high volume and/or rapid cadence is required. For customers wanting their own in-house production or manufacturing capabilities, SFL offers technology support and assistance with planning and set up.

Choose from 4 Levels of Flex Production:

  1. Production Essential — SFL builds first satellite and all satellites after
  2. Production Plus — SFL builds first satellite and mass produces the rest with a partner
  3. Production Assist — SFL builds first satellite and transfers platform-payload integration to Customer
  4. Production Max — SFL builds first satellite and transfers satellite production to Customer

Why Choose Flex Production


SFL is an experienced satellite developer of quality, customized satellites for specific applications, while NewSpace companies’ primary business is selling data, performing analytics, and interfacing with end users of the data.

The Flex Production Program is about leveraging SFL’s expertise as a Microspace provider that offers a complete suite of small satellites, microsatellites, and nanosatellites—including high-performance, low-cost CubeSats—that satisfy the needs of a broad range of mission types. While NewSpace companies concentrate on data services and satellite production, SFL manages design and upgrades.

By adopting Flex Production, customers benefit from collaborating with SFL throughout the process. SFL can arrange for third-party mass production or help the company set up their own in-house manufacturing facility at a cost point that’s attractive to them. SFL helps customers respond to shifting market conditions by handling new spacecraft design and supplying technology updates as needed.
For more information about Flex Production, contact our Sales team at info@utias-sfl.net.