Satellite Platforms: Microsatellites


SFL designs, builds and operates low-cost, high-performance microsatellites ranging in size from 15 to 150 kg and carrying up to 90-kg payloads. Microsatellites are highly versatile and capable of carrying multiple instruments to fulfill a variety of missions, such as Earth observation, atmospheric monitoring, ship tracking, communication, radio frequency (RF) geolocation, space astronomy and other scientific research.

NEMO, DEFIANT and NAUTILUS are our primary microsatellite platforms:

NEMO is a workhorse platform that has been used to develop many successful operational missions. Able to carry up to 12 kg and compatible with the SFL XPOD deployer, NEMO is designed to accommodate pre-deployed appendages, such as solar panels and antennas. Pre-deploying equipment in this way before launch reduces mission risk – an advantage of the XPOD over standard CubeSat dispensers.

DEFIANT is our most popular mid-size microsatellite platform offering a balance between minimizing launch cost while having ample room for payloads up to 30 kg for more demanding missions. This platform is ideally suited for missions requiring compact design without sacrificing performance and scalability.

NAUTILUS is a larger microsatellite geared towards larger payloads up to 90 kg such as optical instruments for high-resolution and/or multispectral Earth imaging.




NorSat-1, -2, -3 & -4

norsat select
Norwegian science, ship detection and communication satellites.


dm1 sat select
Aerosol and greenhouse gas monitoring satellite.

HawkEye 360 Pathfinder

hawkeye pathfinder select
Commercial formation flying satellites performing multi-band RF geolocation.


ghgsats select
Greenhouse gas monitoring satellites for GHGSat Inc.

HawkEye 360 Commercial Constellation

hawkeye 360 select
Commercial radio-frequency geolocation services through formation flight.

Gray Jay

gray jay select
Formation flying satellites for Arctic surveillance.


norsat td
Technological collaboration among European nations.


aspera select
Small-scale astrophysics mission to study galaxy evolution.


nemo hd
Earth observation with multispectral imaging and high-definition video.