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microsatellites and nanosatellites in space
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Why do Microspace and NewSpace customers choose SFL again and again?

  • Unique development philosophy
  • Innovative design technology
  • Unrivaled expertise
  • Flexible production options
  • End-to-end mission support

SFL Platforms

We customize our space-proven small, micro- and nano-satellite buses to meet the needs of your mission and budget.

universal satellite aplications

The Applications are Endless

Our low-cost, high-performance satellites deliver more for less in nearly any mission.

Featured Missions

Innovation + Expertise + Flexibility = SUCCESS
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    Gamma Ray Emission Detection

    StarBurst is a 300 kg small satellite that will detect high-energy gamma ray emissions from events such as the merger of neutron stars. These phenomena are believed to form most of the heavy metals, including gold and platinum, in the universe. StarBurst could observe up to 10 neutron star mergers every year.

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